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Contact us at 360-772-3944 or

L.P. Streifel - The Early Years

L.P. Streifel - Blazing Saddles

L.P. Streifel - Practice Makes Perfect

Alain Burrese - Coin Purse Review

Koi Coin Purse/Sap

A Men's Coin Purse inspired by the Japanese Koi Fish

L.P. Streifel - The stamp used since 1971

The original L.P. Streifel Saddlery stamp that was used when L.P. started his business in 1971 in Pasco Washington

Western Saddle with Native American Bead Work

A Western Saddle decorated with Native American Bead Work to

Interchangeable Shoulder Holster

An interchangeable Shoulder Holster that can be used for firearms or AirSoft replicas

Motorcycle Bags

Biker Bags for a Harley-Davidson® Motor Cycle

Dog Leash & Collar

a Dog Leash and Collar that can be custom made to fit your dog


A Lady's Purse (Handbag)

IMI Desert Eagle® Shoulder Holster

A Custom Shoulder Holster for an IMI Desert Eagle® with Carving

Knife Sheath

A Custom Knife Sheath for a Custom-made Bowie Knife

Travel Wallet

A Travel Wallet that holds your passport, cards, travel documents and papter money

Beverage Coasters with Logo

Leather Beverage Coasters that can be customized to your specifications

Toilet Paper Holder

A Leather Toilet Paper Holder for your camping needs

Saddle Bags

Standard Saddle Bags for packing trips

Ladies Backpack

Ladies Backpack with Shoulder straps

Western Saddle

A Custom-made Western Saddle on a Wade Tree with basket pattern

Curved Guitar Strap

A Contoured Guitar Strap

Axe Scabbard

Leather Scabbard for a CRTK® 2735 RMJ Woods Kangee T-Hawk Carbon Steel Axe

Shoulder Holster with Magazine Holders

Shoulder Holster for a Beretta® Semi-Automatic Pistol with High-Capacity Magazing Clips

Rifle Carrying Case

Rifle Carrying Case for a 44-40 Winchester®

Folding Knife Scabbard

A Knife Case for a CRTK® M16-13DSFG 3 Inch Folder

Utility Scabbard

A Workmans Utility Scabbard for Tools

English Saddle Before Restoration

English Saddle Before Restoration

English Saddle After Restoration

English Saddle After Restoration

Western Saddle Before Restoration

Western Saddle Before Restoration

Western Saddle After Restoration

Western Saddle After Restoration

Clutch Purse

A Ladies Clutch Purse

Endurance Saddle

A basic Endurance Saddle

Mens Belt with Square Buckle

Mens Belt with Square Buckle, Blsck, Silver and Brass


Full Length Western Leather Chaps


An all leather briefcase

Photo Album

Leather Bound Photo Album

Ladies Holster

Ladies 38 Special Holster with Bling

Rifle Carrying Case with Scope

Rifle Carrying Case with Scope

Mens Belt with Rounded Buckle

Mens Belt with Rounded Buckle, Silver and Brass

Quick Draw Shoulder Holster

Quick Draw Shoulder Holster for Compact Automatic Pistol

ShocKnife® Lanyard

Lanyard for ShocKnife

ShocKnife® Scabbard

Scabbard for ShocKnife

Beverage Can Holder

Leather Beverage Can Holder

Generic AirSoft Pistol Holster

Generic Leather AirSoft Pistol Holster (Left and Right Versions)


Leather Checkbook Wallet in different colors

Black Endurance Saddle

Endurance Saddle Black

Side Arm Holster

Side Arm Holster with Tactical Light

Cold Weather Endurance Saddle

Endurance Saddle for Cold Weather

Man Bag with Waist Strap

Man Bag with waist strap

Generic 9mm Shoulder Holster

Generic 9mm Shoulder Holster - Fits all makes and models